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Technology at IAC

Mobility is changing, and IAC is at the center of innovation with technologies that deliver superior quality and elevate experiences for drivers and passengers alike. Artfully crafted solutions developed by industry-leading engineers enhance comfort, provide value, reduce environmental impact, improve functionality and increase safety within the vehicle.

Sustainable Innovation

EcoMa by IAC finds a better way to innovate mobile environments with reimagined sustainable solutions that reduce the overall environmental impact from start to finish without compromising the environment where we move.

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Leading Edge Safety

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. We are prepared to meet and exceed regulatory requirements and other safety expectations, prioritizing driver and passenger safety for all vehicle solutions. SafeTe by IAC incorporates applied technologies for automakers that protect occupants, including side-impact protection, as well as sanitation and antimicrobial measures.

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Passenger Instrument Panel

Lightweight Technology

The need to reduce fuel consumption in internal combustion (ICE) vehicles and extend the range in electric vehicles (EVs) requires lightweight innovations to reduce mass in all areas of the vehicle. LiteTec by IAC uses alternative materials and manufacturing processes to reduce weight by up to 70 percent compared to conventional materials.

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Driver Door Trim

IAC's Technology Demonstrator

IAC's Technology Demonstrator shows off the company's latest technologies.

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