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Instrument Panels & Cockpit Systems

A vehicle’s instrument panel and cockpit system receives the most interaction with drivers and passengers, which is why IAC specializes in engineering complete systems from conceptual development through to production. Designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled using proprietary technologies, IAC’s instrument panels and cockpit systems use the highest quality materials and coatings – including hard- and soft-touch surfaces and hand cut-and-sewn leather – that are tested by expert material engineers to guarantee quality, durability and safety excellence.

Technology, Safety and Sustainability Excellence

IAC Coreback

CoreBack with Seamless Airbag Integration

IAC’s CoreBack process with seamless airbag integration is a proprietary injection molding process that adds a chemical foaming agent to the resin when molding vehicle interior components. Once injected, the mold is opened to activate the foaming agent, creating a stronger product that is up to 30 percent lighter than conventional injection molded components.


Injection Molded Soft Skin

IAC’s proprietary Injection Molded Soft Skin technology (IMSS) uses high-flow TPE material to ensure consistent skin thickness at desired targets without heavy corners and improved design capabilities. Compared to alternative production processes, IMSS offers a more sustainable option with lower VOC and an improved fit-and-finish while still eliminating porosity concerns.


Monomaterial Components

Monomaterial Components use a one-step compression molding and laminating process for a fully recyclable construction and 20% weight reduction compared to its plastic counterpart. Due to its one-material construction, mono-material components reduce emissions and may use recycled materials when possible.

Comfort & Innovation

Interior center area

Intelligent Surface Insert

Intelligent Surface is a seamless and translucent surface technology that integrates touch features with ambient backlighting for an invisible unless active look, enabling an intuitive, distraction-free interface.

Illuminated Surface

Illuminated Surfaces

IAC offers translucent constructions using various materials, including textile or perforated leather, TPU and others that create ambient backlit illuminated surfaces for different components. Combined with multiple lighting technologies, these dynamic illuminated surfaces can integrate touch and haptic feedback, with future applications for entry protocol and autonomous vehicle handover communications.

Car interior buttons

Smart Surfaces

IAC has developed and validated soft and hard surface applications that use a seamless, translucent surface with integrated touch features to offer an intuitive, distraction-free user interface. These smart surfaces are hidden until lit, using gesture and touch features to initiate backlighting. Smart surfaces can be integrated for various controls throughout the vehicle's interior.