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Door Trim Systems

Artfully crafted by highly skilled experts, our door trim and systems offer world-class product solutions that enhance comfort, increase safety, improve functionality and heighten style for a variety of vehicle segments. Expert craftsmanship is blended with innovative and technical expertise to deliver elevated solutions with exceptional value, often with exclusive technologies such as the eco-friendly SmartFoil material solution or the SafeTec energy management system. IAC offers a full range of services in the manufacturing of door panels, armrests, hard panels and map pockets.

Sustainable Processes & Materials

IAC reimagines the manufacturing of door trim systems using proprietary LiteTec and EcoMat technologies to offer sustainable efficiencies.

  • Using a combination of compression molding and injection molding in a single process, IAC’s Hybrid Molding technology employs renewable materials and eliminates the need for secondary processes such as welding, adhesive, and insert molding in the manufacturing of a door panel, reducing weight up to 50 percent compared to other processes.

  • Reducing the dependency on petroleum-based products while offering equivalent performance, IAC can use renewable sources such as kenaf, sisal, jute, rice hulls, agave and cork cover stock for an improved carbon footprint.


Tailored Interiors

Skillfully combining artisanal expertise with cutting-edge technology, IAC incorporates handcraftsmanship at every manufacturing stage, from modeling and prototype to material selection, cutting, sewing and wrapping. Advanced solutions with a personal touch are uniquely tailored and fuse innovative technology with old-school artistry and timeless, luxurious materials. Some of these technologies include:

  • IAC FreeForm technology is a process that provides details like grain and stitch lines as well as translucent backlighting details, delivering a stylish appearance and elevated haptics to improve the in-vehicle experience.

  • Intelligent Surface is a seamless and translucent surface technology that integrates touch features with ambient backlighting for an invisible unless active look, enabling an intuitive, distraction-free interface for window and seat controls.

man sewing a belt


Exploring ways to engage the senses in new and exciting ways, IAC has engineered removable and interchangeable trim components that are customizable with components for active surfaces that illuminate ambient and communicative backlighting and audio for emphatic and adaptive designed experiences:

  • IAC’s transparent audio glass speaker system integrates within the A-Pillar to open up design possibilities and improve driver vision and safety.

  • UVC irradiation surface treatment is a proven active antimicrobial and antiviral solution that is remote-app based to reduce 99.98% of bacteria within the cabin after occupants exit the vehicle in just four minutes.

  • The e-Release door handle is an intelligent interior release handle that enables drivers to customize their preferred door opening method for a touch, touchless or manual operation. This innovative handle integrates safety interfaces with blind spot detection and occupant detection sensors to communicate when it is safe to exit the vehicle.