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Console Systems

We uniquely design and manufacture the individual components and features needed for interior console systems, enabling greater design and flexibility for OEMs. Skilled at bringing a variety of needs to life, IAC overhead and floor consoles elevate mobile environments with functional components using superior hard and soft materials that integrate IAC technologies for enhanced performance, style and safety needs.

Microbe Abatement and Cleanable Surfaces

Through additive antimicrobial and antiviral agents, IAC can add protective components to the resins before molding, offering protection for the lifetime of the product. This technology provides a passively cleanable surface within the vehicle cabin to create a hostile environment for microbes and deter growth.

Tailored Interiors

Skillfully combining artisanal expertise with cutting-edge technology, IAC incorporates handcraftsmanship at every manufacturing stage, from modeling and prototype to material selection, cutting, sewing and wrapping. Advanced solutions with a personal touch are uniquely tailored and fuse innovative technology with old-school artistry and timeless, luxurious materials.

Cut & Sew