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Improving Technology in Industrial Equipment and Processes in International Automotive Components Group, S.L. in Logroño

Jun 08 2021

LUXEMBOURG (June 8, 2020) – With the support obtained from the FEDER Fund of the European Union, INTERNATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE COMPONENTS GROUP, S.L. has carried out at its facilities in Agoncillo (Logroño) the improvement of the efficiency of the production processes of the IAC GROUP, specifically two of the injection machines used in the injection molding process of parts such as bumpers and consoles or instrument panels, and thereby reduce the energy consumption of the Agoncillo plant. For this, two high-consumption injection machines and obsolete technology have been replaced by 2 new-generation injection machines that reduce the electrical consumption of the injection molding process.

Eligible Investment: € 1,299,500

Aid Granted: € 272,850