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At IAC, we believe the environments where we live, work and move matter, which is why we are committed to creating sustainable opportunities in every aspect of our global operations to reduce our environmental impact across our product design, processes, services, community involvement and the way we conduct business. Whether it be in our facilities or in the product we deliver, we take pride in making sure we are doing our part to make our world more sustainable – now and in the future.

In our efforts, we seek to:

  • Utilize renewable resources, recycled components, natural and bio-based materials and the best elements for each application

  • Reduce carbon footprint, part weight and landfill shipments

  • Improve product performance and competitiveness


We serve mobility manufacturers, occupants and employees around the world, offering eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions that are optimized to help customers meet both local and global requirements. Every day, we challenge ourselves to find new ways to support our stakeholders and raise the bar in our efforts to build a better, more sustainable world.

We are committed to:

IAC Group Sustainability

Reducing energy intensity by 25% within 10 years

IAC Group Sustainability

Reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2030

IAC Group Sustainability

Achieving net-zero emissions by 2050

Since 2019, our sustainability efforts have resulted in:


reduction in energy usage


reduction in landfill shipments


carbon footprint offset


pounds of plastics replaced by natural & bio-based materials


pounds of recycled components used